Webpage under construction. It will be soon taking form as a real estate offer in terms of acquisition and renovation of poperties to be found in well-known Italian charming places. This reaching out presentation will be put into writing by a mother tongue professional who, on behalf of Homepiemonte Srl, wants to reach out to, in particular, those Italian-Americans who long to be back “home” and, by so doing, fulfilling their lifetime dream: to own, one day soon, their first or second home in Italy!


HOMEPIEMONTE SRL is on its way to craft an ethically sound professional, hat-in-hand service, custom-tailored to the needs and wants of Italian-Americans who wish to fulfil a lifetime dream: to own a first or a second home in Italy! We offer turnkey solutions, that are going to encompass a whole host of human-touch tasks that want to, ultimately, drive at your building up a confident, peace of mind predisposition to buy. Infact, rest assured, we will be by your side, and take you along the steps all the way, that is going through the pre-sales, the actual sale, the after-sales phases, and, last but not least important, provide you legal and notary public assistance, and property renovation. In other words, Italian red-tape and unexpected hassles are none of your concern, but, on the contrary, they are our piece of cake! Our home solutions will be striving to give you the most cost-effective ones on the keen real estate Italian market, and they will be featuring, among them, renowned Italian locations that are scattered all over the Bel Paese Hence, eagerly awaiting to embark ourselves on this mission, we do want to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Xmas and a Happy 2018!

Sincerely yours